About us

A business career always thinking about meeting the needs of our customers.

History of Rivas Robotics

Rivas Robotics was born in Valencia nearly fifty years ago.

The company has made its business areas grow and evolve, adapting to both the needs of its clients and those of the sector. At the same time, it has been able to anticipate changes and create other areas that incorporate new industrial solutions to the national and international market.

Our philosophy

Rivas Robotics offers turnkey industrial automation projects. Designed to measure for each client with the aim of optimizing productivity, improving production and increasing the profitability of our clients. Thus offering them a leadership position in their respective sectors.

Personalized customer service accompanying them throughout the production and installation process of the project is our priority.

Thanks to our monitoring tool, Check my project, our clients are up to date on the status of their projects in real time.

In 2006, Rivas Robotics became the first company in the sector to be certified by AENOR in the ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems” standard.

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