Robotic systems for the palletizing one to multiple lines, for one or multiple products. Custom development of the different possible alternatives by optimizing the maximum automation.

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    Palletizing Project

    Company: Sand and gravel

    Year: 2016

    País: España


    • The objective of achieving the required production is achieved by 40% less than the usual working day. This has allowed to optimize production hours.

    • The client can have the installation ON before possible customer requests with immediate delivery request.

    • The operator of the line, does not need to work with heavy loads, consequently, prevent injuries. The operator at the moment is responsible only for the control of the packer and the palletized robot.

    • By supplying the product to large distribution centers, it undergoes constant audits and visits by large multinationals in the sector. With the incorporation of the robot of palletizing of Rivas Robotics has managed to have a differential advantage with his competition. Showing its technological capacity. This has led to a recognition of its customers that reinforce their trust and loyalty. It is a differential advantage with respect to your competition.

    • Manpower savings has been achieved. On the one hand, a single person is able to supervise the complete installation, and on the other hand, it get to achieve the same production in less time, the aggregate manufacturer has optimized the resources in other tasks without broadening hirings

    Project needs:

    The client is a micro company with 3 workers with more than 20 years in the sector of the production of sacks of sand and gravel and similar products.

    The main need was the need to automate the process of palletizing bags on pallets and their full wrapping for delivery to their customers.

    Before the automation, the workers of that company did the process manually with 8 hours of workday.

    It should be noted that it is a seasonal product so there are months when this company has no production.

    Whole Solution:

    • An automatic palletizing system is designed using a Yaskawa Motoman robot.

    • An automatic transport system located from the outlet of the customer’s packaging machine is incorporated into the installation

    • It also incorporates a bag compaction system to correct the irregularity of the bag before palletizing. Previously it was the operator who, in a manual way, gave more stability to each bag.

    • The required production was 6 minute sacks, but the installation can finally reach palletizing production of up to 15 sacks / minute.

    Return on investment:

    • It has achieved a return on investment in 2 years

    • It has been possible to supply without extra cost of hiring or extra hours of greater quantity of product thus increasing sales.

    • The confidence of  clients has been reinforced with a image of new technology, and it has generated new clients.

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